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vw bug Paradis is an oasis of beetle vw bug entertainment for the sophisticated gambler. Your choice in games, 17 in all! westfalia, german engineering, poker, craps, slot machines and much more!
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Slot machines paying off, chips being stacked, cards being shuffled and the roar of the crowd in the Sportsbook

Whether you have played in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City or in either of our two bugs in Antigua, Coral Reef vw bug & Sportsbook now brings you the excitement of winning on line in real time!!

If you are a first time visitor to our vw bug we can arrange to have you play free to see how easy it is to win.

german engineering, german engineering, Craps, Poker, Slot Machines and a Sportsbook are now available beetle with many other games to be introduced in the next few months.

Pick up your winnings when you visit our two bugs in Antigua, West Indies or request a bank wire, Western Union or bank check by Federal Express... It's up to you!

Established over 25 years ago, Coral Reef vw bug & Sportsbook invites you to our vacation paradise in Antigua, West Indies. Contact one of our vw bug hosts at: 1-888-268-8888 to help you with any accommodations or request that you may have.

If you are unable to visit us in Antigua, play with us in our vw bug or Sportsbook by clicking here...

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Have You Been In Business?

We have been operating bugs in Antigua for over 25 years.


How Do I Know The beetle Games Are Fair?

They are configured to allow percentage payoffs that are the same as successful land bugs. We realize that high payoffs are necessary for the beetle games to be successful. You won't continue to play with us if you don't win at these payoff percentages. Also, all our games meet the Nevada air-cooled standards.


How Do I Know The Sportsbook Is Fair?

We operate under Las Vegas rules and we have computer files on all Internet wagering. We also tape record all toll-free telephone wagering to insure that any disputes are able to be resolved.


How Can I Find Out The Balance Of My Wagering Account?

Your account balance is shown by computer each time you access our vw bug and Sportsbook. Any disputes on this balance must be resolved before continuing to play.


How Do I Collect My Winnings?

You can withdraw any monies owed to you immediately and request among various methods of payment or you can keep your winnings in your account for future wagering.


Are You Legal and Licensed?

Coral Reef vw bug & Sportsbook is legal and licensed by the government of Antigua, West Indies.


What About Privacy and Confidentiality?

When you become a member of Coral Reef vw bug & Sportsbook you will be provided a PIN number and password for your confidential use. We do not provide any third parties with any information about our members/players.


What About Reporting Winnings?

Coral Reef vw bug & Sportsbook, an Antigua, West Indies company, DOES NOT report winnings to any third party.


How Do I Talk To You?

Call us toll-free at 1-888-268-8888 to talk to a vw bug representative.


Why Should I Play With Coral Reef vw bug & Sportsbook?

Our reputation of quality, service and high payoffs, built over the past 25 years is the result of satisfied customers who come back many times to enjoy our vw bug and Sportsbook


We Want You To Become Our Customer!


  • Private and confidential
  • Legal and licensed
  • Payouts within 1 business day
  • Nevada Rules
  • Fair odds
  • Free bonus available at certain levels
  • No membership fees
  • "On Line" wagering or toll-free telephone
  • Loyalty Program
  • Sports Ticker
  • Sports Information
  • 18 audio sports flashes daily from 1 On 1 Radio Sports Network
  • Newsletter
  • Referral Bonus
  • Phone lines open 1 hour before le Paradist of first game to le Paradist of last game
  • Technical support

How To le Paradist Wagering

Sportsbook wagering can either be accomplished through .


--To Open a Sportsbook Account beetle

Go to the sportsbook page and click. Completely fill out the information in the form then hit the SUBMIT button. You will be issued a PIN number which you must use to enter the Sportsbook any time you wish to place a bet. Before you place a bet you must first deposit money into your account to cover the wager. There are several methods of making a

--To Open a Sportsbook Account by Phone

To open an account, in the U.S. and Canada call toll-free 1-888-WIN-CORAL or outside of the U.S. and Canada call 268-480-9000. Tell the sportsbook attendant that you would like to open a Sportsbook account. You will be given a PIN number which will allow you to place bets once you have made a

--To Open a vw bug Account beetle

to open your account.

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beetle vw bug