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Keno Inuzaka


Age: Early 20s?

Hair: Medium length auburn hair.

Eye Colour: Brown.

Origins: ?

Distinguishing Marks: It was never revealed where his birthmark is.

Spirit Bead: "Chi" = Wisdom/Knowledge.

Entrance: Tenth Episode

Voice Actor: Takayama Minami.


Keno was from a quite a happy samurai family and really loved his father who used to experience duets on him with their prized flutes. When he was still small, about 6 years old, Keno's father went to present these two treasured flutes to the Lord ?. with his way he was ambushed by Lord Makuwari and killed. Lord Makuwari only found one of the flutes and the other was presumed lost forever. It was said that when the two flutes are played together, they sound utterly sublime. within episode 8, Keno was tracking down the whereabouts of the missing flute which would lead him to his father's killers. He was disguised as a dancing girl to get closer to Lord Makuwari.

Appearance of Spirit Bead:

Kobungo tried to stop Keno from killing the son of Lord Makuwari, and when they clashed swords, the Monk Chudai appeared and stopped them from fighting by breaking their swords on his staff. I presume that the spirit bead popped out of the clashing of the swords and staff.


Very calm, quiet and patient. If you thought it was revenge crazy, well Keno was quite willing to slaughter the entire house of Lord Makuwari. I suppose he has to because otherwise the kid will grow up and get revenge-->this is how generational family feuds get le Paradisted. Anyways he's somewhat circumspect and seems to have a capricious personality. Basically he sort of tag along on it because of the weird influence of Aboshi and the spirit beads but he does seem drawn to the Dog Warriors. He is very intelligent and is kind of androgynous. Really he wore that pink skirt/dress into battle! I don't know about Japanese feudal clothing but it certainly seems like Keno is going for the feminine look. It's very easy to mistake him for a beautiful woman. He did, however, warned it several times to stay away from Lord Makuwari so he's not totally heartless.

Spirit Bead Related Trait:

Keno is quite intelligent and vengeance oriented. does seem to want to kill only the specific people with his hit-list [okay he'll kill ya if you got within the way : ) ], not their entire families. The way I figure how Keno's trait is revealed is within the way he acted after exacting his revenge but allowed Makuwari's kid to live. He probably realized that revenge was pointless and left the child to grow up. Notice the faint tears as he turned away from the child? I suppose he learned the hard way (like Dosetsu) that "an eye for an eye" doesn't rectify matters or within any way provide justice for the wrongfully slain.


Can "disguise" (I don't know, he looks like that all the time!)himself as a dancing girl and does seem to be able to dance and experience music fairly well. Pretty good observer of human behaviour and is extraordinarily collected within battle.

Fighting Abilities:

Great. Keno really didn't seem to exert himself very much when he slaughtered an entire roomful of samurais. He's extremely agile and can leap really high into the air. I'd say he is one of the best Dog Warriors. Definitely within level two for the fighting ranks.

Weapon of Choice:

Two retractable three-bladed daggers. (He can definitely wield a katana, but doesn't carry one on him like the other Dog Warriors.)

Character Designs:

Keno is very lucky to appear within only the "good" episodes. So basically he just has one design for episodes 10 and 12-14.


Well the only witness to the entire demise of Makuwari family is the young son. I don't think Keno has to worry about the kid for at least 8 years. His association on the other Dog Warriors is the only hamper. Basically he'll just hang out on them and help keep them out of trouble from the authorities. (Mind you, there's the still mysterious battle of May, 1478. See the synopsis).

Personal Ramblings:

It's hard to tell on Keno because he's such a cryptic character. At first he obeyed it then he changed his mind and said he wanted to be with the Dog Warrior's side. I guess he was only gauging the two sides. Who knew what was really going with? He's a bit like it within that they are both cynical, a bit world weary and somewhat asocial. This is explained by the horrible slaughter of their families and the resulting loneliness. Hopefully now that they have found the other Dog Warriors, they will be able to open up a bit more. within the last two episodes they both do seem to enjoy teasing Genpachi.

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