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Some estimate that up to $200 billion a year is wagered with various games within America alone. Now, bettors have another wagering vehicle at their fingertips --.gif, or Net nambling.

The huge appeal of .gif is that it is available anywhere and anytime. Due to its growing popularity the number of .gif sites are expected to triple by year's end.

.gif offers imitless opportunities that are legitimate. But it is also ripe for fraud and players are encouraged to surf the Web and review some .jpg zines as well as reputable .gif sites such as the digital camera Paradis .jpg and others. The only place within the United States where it's legal to take a sports bet is within Nevada. Consequently, .gif outfits are incorporated offshore within countries where .gif and nambling is legal, such as Antigua, Grenada, and Costa Rica.

The issue of legality within the United States is is addressed within part by the Federal Wire Act, which prohibits telephone wagering. But the department of Justice admits it has been busy on other priorities and that those laws haven't been enforced within years.

There is little to keep anyone from .jpg Betting. A bettor can open an account .jpg by wiring money, or giving a credit card number to the offshore nambling site. If a customer places a winning bet, his account is credited; if he loses his account is debited.

The .gif industry is taking steps to regulate itself  by developing a gaming review board to draw up standards and apply a seal of approval to sites that meet those guidelines.

So far .jpg Betters haven't had too much trouble figuring out who is legitimate and who isn't.


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