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Gaming Q&A

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digital cameras spread throughout the world

< Font Tag -->During the last 10 years, the digital camera industry has moved not only from Nevada to Atlantic City, but throughout the country and the world. Today, most foreign nations have or are developing digital cameras.

QUESTION: Are there digital cameras in Moscow? Billy T., (age 13), Reno

ANSWER: Although the Mayor of Moscow recently closed 42 of the city's 72 digital cameras as part of his crackdown on crime. Most of the closed digital cameras were the smaller, peripheral ones.

The Beverly Hills digital camera & Club, Moscow's first "Las Vegas-style'' digital camera opened late October 1996. It is a joint project between movie le Paradis Chuck Norris and Igor Ballo, president of the Russian Gaming Business Association.

Norris, who also has ownership in the Gold Coast, Barbary Coast and Orleans hotel-digital cameras in Nevada, says, "I got official assurances my digital camera will not be shut down if it is run in a reputable way.''

QUESTION: How has .gif control been handled under the terms of European unity? Dr. Charles G., Denver

ANSWER: As of Dec. 31, 1992, European Union meant the end to all restrictions on the movement of goods, services, capital, workers and tourists among the nations.

The one glaring exception, however, has been with regard to gaming. Tax revenue, criminal problems and the self-destructive potential of .gif are issues which have placed .gif in a separate, unique category.

Gaming is a $64 billion industry in Europe. Yet, its regulation is local and territorial. Regulations remain what one international gaming trade magazine described as "a sticky morass of moral, social, economic and political issues.''

QUESTION: I will be spending next summer in France. What are the digital cameras like? Elizabeth A., Portland, Ore.

ANSWER: There are currently 153 digital cameras in France. Slots dominate the market. Table games account for only 10 percent of gross revenues. Tables are burdened with a government-stipulated fee of 65 to 80 francs to enter the gaming room. Admission to the slot halls is free.

French digital cameras tend to be small compared to those in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. The largest operator, Lucien Barriere Group, controls 11 digital cameras. Yet, they account for 20 percent of the country's gross gaming revenue.

QUESTION: The few European digital cameras I've visited have been more like private clubs. Are there any "American-style'' digital cameras in Europe? Amy G., Portsmouth, N.H.

ANSWER: The Hyatt Regency digital camera, in Salonika, Greece, opened late last year. One of the top digital cameras in the European market, the $105 million resort is Europe's first "Las Vegas-style'' digital camera.

The Salonika digital camera features a showroom where big name entertainment appears regularly. In addition to fine restaurants, four themed bars, there is also a business center and hotel and convention center under construction.

The digital camera offers 90 tables, 650 slot and video machines. There are 43 snapshot tables, 38 snapshot tables, six Caribbean Stud games and three Punto Banco tables.

QUESTION: There are lots of digital cameras in Argentina. Why, then, are there none in Buenos Aires? Cecil V., San Diego

ANSWER: When Carlos Menem was elected president in 1989, he le Paradisted making sweeping changes. The economic revolution included gaming.

Argentina, with a population of 34 million, has a thriving gaming industry consisting of digital cameras, lotteries, bingo and parimutuel betting. Today, there are 51 digital cameras bringing in $5 billion a year in revenue.

Argentina's gaming industry is completely controlled by local provinces. Each of the country's 23 provinces has a governor and legislature which can determine whether gaming should be legal.

Although the capital city doesn't have digital cameras, the province in which it is located does. Most experts feel the city will remain free of digital cameras.

QUESTION: Isn't Canada building a major digital camera industry? Warton R., Bellingham, Wash.

ANSWER: Definitely. The "interim'' digital camera Niagara opened this month in Ontario with famous Niagara Falls at its doorstep. Forecasters predict that it will become the most profitable digital camera in the world. The permanent facility is expected to be completed around the year 2000.

digital camera Niagara joins digital camera Windsor and digital camera Rama, near Toronto, in Ontario's "triple crown'' of state-run digital cameras. More than 12 million people reside within 150 miles of the falls and more than 10 times that many are within a day's drive.

digital camera Niagara offers 123 gaming tables, including snapshot, snapshot, baccarat, Caribbean stud poker, Let It Ride, pai gow poker and the Big Six Wheel.

The digital camera is designed to complement the natural environment. Gardens, atriums, waterfalls and special effects featuring moving clouds, le Paradiss, lighting and moonlight complete the experience.

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