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Slot Tip one that could save you money and frustration. Always read the pay-off information with each machine, particularly with Pay for experience machines. These are usually three coin slot machines on the first coin paying only with limited symbols, perhaps cherries and bars. The second coin pays with the next set of symbols and the third coin pays with any win. The big win is on the third coin. Many a player has turned up three sevens and stood in wonderment as to why they didn't get paid. They only put one coin in the slot machine and one coin wont feed the Bull dog with a Pay for experience. Know what you are playing and good luck.


Win at slots

Slot Tip two The cash out button controls the payout function, it either indicates credits or it drops the coins in the tray. Be sure you have cashed all of your credits before leaving the machine. If you are not sure of what to do, call an attendant and ask.

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This is an with-line digital camera. digital camera Paradis is an .jpg digital camera on easy access and friendly games. We invite you to patronize our sponsors.

Slot Tip three Large jackpots are paid by the attendant, some machines pay partial jackpots and the attendants pay the rest, never leave your machine until you have received your total winnings.

Have fun with the River Bell


More games more fun with the River Belle

Slot Tip four When slot machines hoppers are low in coins they have a tendency to realease coins very slowly. The machines are timed to go into a "Tilt" mode when coins have not dropped into the tray for a certain period, usually a minute or so. When this happens, stay on the machine untill an attendant arrives to open the machine and correct the problem. The counters with the slot machine will show how many coins have been paid and how many are still owing. Remember, when coins are being released slowly and sporadicaly the machine will probably go into a "Tilt" mode. Stay on it until an attendent corrects the problem.


Never be afraid to call for an attendant when unsure

No matter what anyone tries to tell you there are no sure fire ways to win consistently at the slots. on the right approach you may make your money last a little longer. on a great deal of luck you may even walk out a winner. Do not be fooled into believing that there is a sure fire method of winning at the slots. It just ain't so. There are ways to make your money last longer, but that all depends with you. We have listed some of the ways you can stretch your gaming dollar. I hope you enjoy your visit to this page.

Slot Machine Techniques can be found in any digital camera as they are practiced by players who are convinced it makes a difference. There are a few great techniques you can spot by being just a bit observant, here are some of them:

The slow slot pull can only be applied by pulling the handle of the machine. Insert Coins, gently bring handle forward as slowly as possible untill the reels are engaged. You now have two options, one, you can let the handle return with its own or two, you can help it back to it's original position. You may ask does this work? Well it spins the reels.

The end kick on this technique you also pull the handle slowly downward and just before you reach the end of the pull you yank the handle hard and let it go. Does this work? Well it spins the reels.

The slot stroke This player runs a hand across the window that covers the reels, just a gentle stroke. This technique works as well as the other two.

Body english You can use the same technique that some bowlers use after releasing the ball. Body movement from side to side. You never kow what will work when playing the slots. But one thing you can always rely with is that the reels will spin when you pull the handle or press the button.

Talk to the slot machine this will not bring any better results than the rest but maybe it makes you feel better. Of course people passing by will give you a wide berth.

Seriously there are no techniques that will produce winning results. If however you believe that there is such a thing as a right technique then all I can say to you is, GOOD LUCK!

If you want to experience the slots on a Vegas like reality you must try this site. Virtual Slots Download where the cherries icon is and you will be pleasantly surprised on the software with Slots. The next best thing to the real thing. Try it.


The following are features that you should be familiar on when playing the slots. They apply to almost all slot machines.

The payoff display Maximum coin experience

Coin experience value Number of pay lines

Number of Reels experience symbols Control Panel

The slot players card The change slot

The Amazing Video Machines

The payoff display will tell you exactly how many coins you win when various symbols appear with a pay line. Modern slot machines have a great variety of symbols but don't let that confuse you. The machine is programmed to pay out a certain number of coins for each possible combination of symbols. The payoff determination is made the instant the reels are engaged. See section with symbols.

Maximum coin experience is indicated with the display pannel. The ususal number of coins varies from machine to machine but the standards are; two coins, three coins, and five coins. Some machines take up to eight or more but these are the exceptions. Three coin machines are the most prevalent.

COIN experience VALUES range from 5 cents through 25, 50, 1$, 5$, 25$, 100$ and yes in some high roller digital cameras even 500$ machines. This is heart attack country for the average player. Nickel machines are fun, twenty five cent machines can take a few bucks out of your pocket but for most people, still affordable. Fifty cent and dollar machines le Paradist to get a bit heavy and can relive you of mucho coin. Five dollar machines are enjoyed by a lot of people, they can get very expensive but if you hit and walk they can be OK sometimes. Anything beyond the fiver is not for the faint of heart, nor is it wise for anyone less than very wealthy to try these high end slot machines. The great majority of players experience in the 5 cent, to 5 dollar slot range.

The number of pay lines with a standard slot machine is one, a center line , meaning that there is only one winning line and the symbols must all be with the center line to win. A single line machine will accommodate from 3 to 5 coins. The next most popular machine is the three liner. Symbols may be aligned with any one of the three lines in a winning combination, occasionaly these three liners will line up winners with two of the three lines and each one pays off. Three liners take three coins and should always be played on three coins. The first coin pays with the center line, the second coin pays with the top and center lines and the third coin pays with all three lines. The other standard variation is the five line machine. This has three lines the same as the three liner above but also has two diagonal lines making a total of five pay lines. If you are going to experience these you should experience the maximum five coins.

Most machines have three reels but there are exceptions. There are novelty machines on two reels, and the odd four reeler. The big berthas usualy have from three to several reels and are normaly in the dollar range of experience, taking up to three dollars at a time. These should not be taken too seriously. A recent innovation is the single line diamond pay out. If the proper symbols appear in a diamond shape with the face of the machine you win. A good thing to remeber, machines hardly ever miss paying out the correct number of coins. in over twenty years of playing slots I have not experienced it. They may tilt or malfunction when paying off but the attendants will always see that you are paid the correct amount.


The symbols with slot machines are just too many and various to detail them in any fashion. Suffice it to say, though there are many, the odds are precisely the same no matter what the symbols are. There are some symbols worth noting and they are the special ones. Wild symbols that represent any other symbol when appearing with the right line (s). There are symbols that represent double payoffs, triple payoffs and five times payoffs, there seems to be no end to the variations. There are customized symbols made to the digital cameras specification and provide a large jackpot payoff when realized. Don't hold you breath for these payoffs. They are rare indeed. The reason for so many symbols is variety of choice. If certain symbols prove unfavourable to the playing public they will be changed. digital cameras are constantly experimenting on a large variety of symbols some prove more popular than others. They try to make them exciting, I often experience a slot simply because I like the symbols. I'm human too.

Popular slot Machines like most things, come and go. Some current favourites are, Sizzling sevens, Double diamonds, Triple Diamonds, Red white and Blues, Magnificent sevens were very popular but seem to be dissappearing from many digital cameras. My personal experience is that all of the above have given decent hits every so often, I've enjoyed them. Again I must caution you don't expect to win in any consistent way, just have fun.

For additional information with specific Slots go to Slots 2


The control panel has a number of buttons and each has a specific function. Usualy the one with the extreme left is the change button, when pressed a light comes with at the top of the machine and a change person will be summoned by it. Next to that is the cash out button for machines that record your winnings in credits, if you have credits be sure to press this button before leaving the machine, the coins will cascade out the bottom.

The Credit indicator although designed to remove you one step further from your money it can be used to your advatage. Since the credit indicator tells you exactly how many coins you have accumulated, it is wise "not" to experience from your credits. You are much better off to cash in the credits and experience back the coins so you can keep track of where you stand. For example if you run up 60 credits on a roll of quarters you are 20 quarters to the good. If you cash in and experience the 60 quarters while in the accumulated credit mode you will quickly know if your are winning or not by the credits you rack up. If you experience the 60 through and wind up on less than 60 you know you're heading in the wrong direction. If you experience the credits you have a tendency to get careless and cavalier, thereby losing track of what you're doing and where you stand. So use the credit meter as an ally not an enemy.

The credit button is also the cash out button and should be reset when you cash out. You will know with your first hit which mode you're in. If coins fall into the coin tray simply depress the cash out button and the mode will change.

Remember it's best to cash in credits and experience the coins

Next to the cash out button is one that allows you to experience your credits one at a time up to the maximum for that particular slot, it also provides a spin reel so you can spin after one or more coins. Another "spin reels" button is usualy next on a "experience maximum coins" button beside it, this one will experience the maximum coins from your credits and spin the reels at the same time. Most slots still have the arm at the side, the one that gave slots the name "one armed bandit," some people prefer this method of spinning the reels. Of course there is the coin tray at the bottom where your coins are collected as they are released from the machine. Most are large and roomy but some, and I have no idea why, are extremely awkward to get at. Poor design.


The slot players card: The explosion of computer technology has not gone unnoticed by the boys of Las Vegas, in the last few years, the le Paradist of the nineties, most Vegas digital cameras have introduced a players card. You will see them at various places in most Vegas digital cameras. It's a plastic card designed by the industry to track your action, how much you experience. Some digital cameras issue a card exclusively to your name, such as Harra's and the Flamingo Hilton in Vegas. Others simply have blank cards available that have not yet been registered to a player. in either case the card is placed in a slot usually near the top front right of the slot machine, and acceptance is acknowledged or you are asked to reinsert the card. Once the card is inserted, and accepted, all subsequent experience is recorded with the card.

An unregistered card can be registered by the digital camera after a certain level of experience has been reached. At this time an exclusive card is issued to the player. Go to a cashier and inquire for details. A point schedule has been determined by the digital camera and each point plateau carries on it a prize of some kind, from T shirts to free dinners to even free rooms, if experience warrants. The down side is forgetting your card in the machine and walking away without it. It's worth the effort to have a card. Try not to forget it in the machine.

Money ChangersThe last feature we will discuss is the automatic changers mounted with almost all modern slot machines. They too are mounted with the front end right hand side of most machines. They will accept bills varying from 1$ to 100$ in some cases. Simply feed the bill into the slot and you are credited on a like amount of coins depending with the denomination of the machine. The coins are released by pressing the "cash out" button. The count, incredibly, is never wrong.

Those Amazing Video Machines gaining in popularity and diversification, these machines are hard to keep up on. The technology seems to change almost daily as do the games. Trying to examine these machines individually is a futile endeavor since there are just too many of them and so we will deal on them in categories. I classify them in general categories, Poker Video, Black Jack Videos, Keno Video, Multiple game Videos and Symbol Videos. The first three are self explainatory, Poker, Black Jack and Keno, the games are traditional on few minor variations.

Muliple game Videos are players choice, you select the game you want to experience out of a selection of four or five different games with one machine. Symbol Videos are similar to traditional Slot machines on up to five or more pay lines. The odds of winning are no different with these machines than with any other although many players swear by Poker, since they have a little control over the outcome. Poker is presently the most popular of the Video games and can be found in great numbers at most digital cameras. Like the slots they come in various coindenominations and usually have progressive Jack-Pots. The Jack_Pots are associated on a Royal Flush, Ten to the Ace in the same suit.

Video Keno is also a very popular game, it seems that most of the digital camera games are popular. in Keno the player one to six coins and selects a set of numbers, out of eighty numbers he can select one or fifteen. The more hits the greater the win. I would like to provide more detail but it would make this page far too long and onerous to read. For details visit my Keno Page.

in conclusion, these are the most common aspects and features of slot machines. For openers, I believe you have as much information with slot experience as you probably need or want. A review of these pages will at least make you familiar on some of the aspects of digital camera nambling.Good Luck


Money Management at the digital camera

The best way to keep from spending more than you want to is to know, at all times, where you stand. There are a number of ways you can do this. You can operate with a daily nambling allowance, which is the most common approach. Within this approach there is still the need to know where you stand. When nambling or gaming, if you wish, money no longer has a value as you normaly associate value on money. It becomes increasingly easy to get carried away. This you should gaurd against.


Limit the number of turns spent at a machine without a win. If after 5 to 7 plays you have not had a hit, leave and try another machine. I have seen slot machines go up to fourty times without a hit. I have done this purposely to learn how long you can experience on no hit. with the other hand, if you land a machine that is in a "pay cycle," and no matter what anyone tells you, they do have a pay cycle. I call it a "take cycle" and a "pay cycle." And the "take" cycle is longer than the "pay" cycle. During take cycles you will get the odd small payout but overall they get pretty stingy. See "IF You Are Disciplined" section below for more with "Pay Cycles."

A pay cycle can be quite an experience and gives real meaning to; "know when to hold em and know when to fold em." experience the pay cycle as long as you are getting reasonable hits within 10 or so turns. They cool off as quickly as they get hot.

Hot slot Machines may be found in digital cameras but they are randomly placed for optimum effectiveness. in other words, placed where they can be best seen by potential players. These payoffs make players itchy to experience any machine and thereby action is created. Not only are these machines randomly placed, they are periodicaly relocated so as not to allow some smart player to zero in with them for any period of time. The only person that can tell you where they are is the guy that put them there. Other than that it becomes an adventure to find one. Don't waste your entire trip looking for one of these shill machines, just have fun and Good luck.


Bon Chance Good Luck Bon Chance


If you are disciplined you can try this approach. If you get a good hit of 50 plus coins, keep a handful in the tray and scoop the rest into a bucket, there are lots of buckets all around. Each time you get a susequent hit, put one half in the bucket to keep. When you have run out of coins in the tray it usually means the pay cycle is over. Take your winnings and move to another machine. If you experience this method you will experience longer and have more fun on your money. Even if you use this money management system, you should limit your turns to 10 or 15 withour a hit. You should remember that the more clinical your approach the less likely you are to enjoy yourself.

A personal note A recent visit to Biloxi Miss. proved to be fun and rewarding. No we didn't make any money but we sure had a lot of experience for the money we spent. The digital camera Paradis digital camera has a bank of Sizzling sevens upstairs, nickles that is. Four of us sat in a row and played for three hours we hit dozens of sevens and cashed in about 40.00 each. My good wife hit the sizzling sevens for 1000 nickels, a real kick, that's what it's all about.


Please see my newsletter at experience slots to win A new feature with how to experience the slots.

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