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Caribbean Stud free stuff

Caribbean Stud is a Five Card Stud free stuff game. To play you make a bet in the "Ante Box" (minimum of the table.) All Ante Bets must be made prior to the Dealer announcing, "No more bets." You receive five cards face down and the Dealer receives four cards face down and one card face up.

You look at your cards and have the option to play or fold. If you choose to play, then you place a bet in the "Bet Box", EXACTLY twice your Ante Bet. If you choose to fold, then you lose your Ante Bet.

After all Players have made their decisions, the Dealer then reveals the four remaining cards in their hand. If the Dealer has an ACE and a KING or higher, they play the hand. The Dealer then compares their cards with the Player's cards, (individually, counter-clockwise.) If the Player's hand beats the Dealer's then it will be paid even money (1 to 1) on the Ante Bet and as follow, on the Bet:

1 Pair or Less - 1 to 1* Straight - 4 to 1* Four of a Kind - 20 to 1*
2 Pair - 2 to 1* Flush - 5 to 1* Straight Flush - 50 to 1*
3 of a Kind - 3 to 1* Full House - 7 to 1* Royal Flush - 100 to 1*

(* Up to maximum payout of $1,000)

If the Dealer does not have at least an ACE and a KING, then the Player receives even money (1 to 1) on the Ante Bet, and no action is taken on the Bet behind.

If the Dealer's hand beats the Player's, then the Dealer takes both the Ante and the Bet behind.

If the Dealers and the Player have the same hand, the remaining cards in the hand are taken into consideration and the highest hand wins. Suits are not counted. In the case of all five cards being equal, then the hand is tied or void, and no action is taken.

In addition to the table play, there is an Optional Extra Attraction, the PROGRESSIVE PAYOUT FEATURE! You play this by dropping one chip (the amount shown on the table minimum/maximum sign) into the slot in the table (in front of your box) after making your Ante Bet. This bet gives you a chance at the amount on the PROGRESSIVE PAYOUT METER, regardless of the outcome of the Dealer's hand.


* Royal Flush: Progressive Poll -


* Straight Flush: Progressive Poll -

* Four of a Kind: $500.00
* Full House: $100.00
* Flush: $50.00

Winning progressive payout hands shall be paid in accordance with the amount on the meter when it is the Player's turn to be paid. however, if more than one Player at the table has a royal Flush Progressive Payout hand, each Player shall share equally in the amount on the meter when the first player with a Royal Flush is to be paid.


  1. Players choosing to play the Progressive Payout Feature are responsible for ensuring the coin slot "Indicator Light" is on.
  2. Players may not exchange or communicate information regarding their hands. Any violation will result in a dead hand and forfeiture of the Stud free stuff Ante and Bet.
  3. An incorrect amount of cards dealt to a Player/Dealer constitutes a dead hand and shall result in all hands being void and the cards shall be reshuffled. Any other misdeal to the Dealer shall result in all hands being void and the cards shall be reshuffled.
  4. Only one hand per player
  5. Supervisor's decision is FINAL.
  6. Each Player who makes a bet wager shall be responsible for their own hand and no other person other than the Dealer may touch the cards of the Player.
  7. Each Player shall be required to keep the five cards in full view of the Dealer at all times. Once each Player has examined their cards and placed them face down on the layout, they may not touch the cards again.
  8. If a hole card is exposed prior to the Dealer announcing "No more bets", all hands shall be void.
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