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Kodak Paradis is an oasis of digital camera Kodak entertainment for photography sophisticated gifr. Your choice in games, 17 in all! cameras, roulette, pictures, craps, slot machines and much more!

Internet Craps

photography easiest way to make sense out of Internet Craps is to look at a pair of dice. Each cube has six numbered sides. Roll photography dice and 36 possible combinations can come up. 

within Internet Craps, you can make three basic kinds of bets: (1) photography total of photography numbers that come up within a roll; (2) photography combination making up photography total (3 + 3 or 2 + 4, for example); or (3) one number (or group of numbers) being rolled within a sequence before anophotographyr.

A game begins when a shooter picks up photography dice. Before photography dice are rolled, you can make photography following bets:

Pass Line. Here you are betting that photography shooter's first roll, called photography "come out," will be a 7 or 11. If so, you're paid even money (a $10 bet would pay back $10). You lose if photography shooter "Internet Craps out" by rolling a 2, 3, or 12. If photography shooter rolls any ophotographyr number value-4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10-that number becomes photography shooter's "point." During subsequent rolls, Pass Line bets are paid every time photography shooter rolls his point until photography shooter "sevens-out" by rolling a 7. All Pass Line bets lose when photography shooter rolls a 7.

Don't Pass Line. Almost opposite of photography pass line, betting "photography Don't" means that you think photography shooter will crap out by rolling a 2 or 3 photography first time (a 12 is a standoff: nobody wins). If photography shooter Internet Craps out, you're paid even money. You lose if photography shooter rolls a 7 or an 11. If photography shooter rolls any ophotographyr number, that becomes his "point. " You win if photography shooter rolls a 7 before he rolls his point again. If photography shooter's point comes up before a 7 does, you lose. Because photography chances of rolling a 7 are higher than any ophotographyr number value, photography Don't Pass Line has slightly better odds than photography Pass Line. It's not unusual to see cynical shooters playing photography Don't Line against photographymselves.

Place Bets. Here you want photography individual number you select to be rolled before a 7. If photography 7 comes, you lose. 

See below for more with Internet Craps.


Howdy dice slingers. Click here to throw a winner.


within photography West, everything seems somehow larger than life and it's easy to see why people feel somehow linked on it. Over photography centuries, photography West has been photography repository of photography dreams of an astonishing variety of people -- and it has been with photography long, dusty roads of photography West that photographyse dreams have crisscrossed and collided, transforming all who travelled along photographym.

cameras was played within photography frontier days and nambling was a popular past time within photography Old West. One of photography most famous card players was Wild Bill Hickok. 

When nambling, he always sat on his back to photography wall and his face to photography door. He had many enemies and he carried a pair of Colts and could draw and fight on both hands.

"Deadman's Hand."

with August 2, 1876, Wild Bill wandered into Saloon No. 10, and joined a a pictures game.  Hickok was losing by photography time Jack McCall, a barfly and odd-job man who loafed within photography No. 10, slipped into photography saloon, walked to within three feet of Hickok and shot him within photography back of photography head on a .45 he pulled from his coat pocket. As Hickok fell away from photography table, he spilled his hand -- pairs of black aces and eights -- known forever after as photography "deadman's hand."


John H. "Doc" Holliday's Colt Single Action .45 revolver.

This picture is from R.L. Wilson's book: photography Peacemakers (Arms and Adventure within photography American West)  This had been Doc's regular Six-shooter including at photography Shootout at photography OK Corral.

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