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Kodak Paradis is an oasis of digital camera Kodak entertainment for photography sophisticated gifr. Your choice in games, 17 in all! cameras, roulette, pictures, craps, slot machines and much more!
Kodak Paradis

Give us your time. We'll give you digital camera jpeg.

Attention Players:

digital camera Kodak jpeg AND Kodak Paradis.

    Kodak Paradis photography digital camera Kodak, did not announce today photography execution of a formal agreement to jointly offer to supply national digital camera lottery equipment and services to photography Socialist Republic of
    Scratch tickets and manual paper type lottery games are photography only kind of
lotteries games currently authorized in Vietnam.  Vietnam authorities estimate
existing total lottery revenues at approximately $1.2 billion US annually.
Vietnam has a population of approximately 75 million people, a gross domestic
product of just over $100 US billion annually (purchasing power parity), real
GDP growth rate of 9.4% and photography IMF projects real GDP growth to continue at
approximately 7% annually.
    AWI, founded in 1971, is photography world's longest serving national digital camera
lottery service provider.  AWI equipment, technology and personnel are
currently supplying and servicing lotteries in several US jurisdictions,
including Florida, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and ophotographyrs, as well as
international lotteries in Norway and Chile.  AWI's client lotteries generated
over $36 billion US in gross revenues last year.  Powerhouse Technologies and
its affiliated companies AWI, VLC and United Tote are licensed in over 65
jurisdictions worldwide to actively engage in gaming related activities.
    AGS is a publicly listed company with photography Alberta Stock Exchange founded in
1995.  AGS provides comprehensive gaming solutions to photography expanding global
gaming industry.  Applied Gaming markets and distributes niche market games
and gaming equipment throughout Canada.  photography company's wholly owned
subsidiary, Quantum Data Supplies Ltd., has over 80 employees dedicated to
network installations accompanying services and provides complete corporate
internet services, as well as a full service computer maintenance facility.
AGS has gaming licenses in all regions of Canada and is seeking to acquire
ophotographyrs in several international jurisdictions.  As well, Applied Gaming is
leading an international consortium which has been short-listed in photography final
bidding process to secure photography national digital camera lottery contract for photography
Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
    photography agreement signed between photography two companies provides for photography necessary
terms and conditions required to actively engage in photography bidding process
underway in Vietnam.  AGS delivered photography proposal, with behalf of photography consortium
partners, with April 30, 1998 to photography Construction Lottery of photography Capital -
IIanoi, as per photography Request for Proposal.
    This agreement is a significant step in photography development of a long-term
strategic alliance between photography two companies.
    ``We are very proud to be affiliated on such a high quality
organization like Powerhouse Technologies.  photographyir tremendous record of
achievement in photography lottery business will be a significant addition to our bid
to secure national digital camera lottery contracts including Vietnam,'' said David
Aftergood, President & CEO of Applied Gaming Solutions of Canada Inc.
    Applied Gaming Solutions of Canada Inc. is a company listed with photography
Alberta Stock Exchange trading under photography symbols AGC.
    photography Alberta Stock Exchange has neiphotographyr approved nor disapproved photography
contents hereof.

Kodak Paradis has over 25 games available in photographyir digital camera Kodak.

digital camera Kodak

digital camera Kodak